We are a creative digital media studio specializing in media design, interactivity, and visitor’s experience, delivering ideas and project solutions for clients and partners worldwide.

Lunchmeat Studio 
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Red Bull Dance Your Style

  • Client: Red Bull
  • Concept: Gejb Matušková, Jakub Pešek
  • Production: Jakub Pešek, Agáta Nowaková
  • Programming: Jakub Larva
  • Graphic design: Eli Eliásek
  • Copywriting: Jiří Kubalík
  • Technology: David Fernandéz Francos

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Have you ever thought how it feels to have your own podium to show your dance moves? We've built one for you in front of one of Prague's most famous buildings, the Žižkov Tower! All you had to do was dance. We've recorded you from a unique angle and sent the video straight to your inbox for you to share it with your friends. No waiting, just bursts of pure energy and your signature moves.

Kunsthalle AV Gallery 3

  • Client: Kunsthalle Praha

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Aw! Lab at Kunsthalle Praha – an immersive audiovisual space designed to inspire and captivate. As the AV integrators, we've delivered a high sensory experience featuring 13 projectors and 12.2 channel sound to create a world that engages and allows you to dive in. We aimed to enable a variety of fields in digital image and sound production, as well as artistic interventions exploring the intersection of technology and current affairs. For your good times.

Dinosauria Museum Prague

  • Content development, design, software development, media planning and IT: Lunchmeat Studio, ART+COM Studios
  • Supervision: ART+COM Studios
  • Architecture: Archicraft
  • Dinosaurs models: Blue Rhino Studio
  • Dinosaurs physical fossils: Thétis
  • Client: Kaprain
  • Thanks to: NVIDIA, Epson, Muzeum Karla Zemana, ASUS

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Science met art and technology to give us a glimpse of what the Earth was like when there was no trace of humans. We were trusted in art and tech and we have co-created a vast exposition of dinosaurs and their new habitus. Our work at Dinosauria Muzeum started where the scientific ended. Hand drawn murals, custom 3D models and prehistoric worlds, short-themed films, sounds of the dinosaur era, interactive installations, graphic design, and far more – copywriting, content creating, and projections and light design. And in the end, we didn’t stop just with the content. We also took care of the technical background – AV system integration. And control system programming.

Designblok Cosmos

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Cosmos. Look around and see infinity. Traveling exhibit, display of contemporary Czech design and a materialized manifesto of shared values. We took care of light and sound design. Including both – art and technologies. Bringing ten original glass works made by ten foremost contemporary Czech designers, this unique exhibition offers an immersive audiovisual show overlooking the infinite vistas of space. Cosmos was previously presented at Prague Castle as part of Designblok 2023 and Milan Design Week 2024.

The Grief of Misfit Cathedrals

  • Director: Jakub Pešek, Assistant Director: Karel Cettl, Concept: Karel Cettl, Petr Fašianok, Jirí Kubalík, Jakub Pešek
  • Illustration, Concept Art: Karel Cettl, Photogrammetry – Data Set Capturing: Erik Bartoš, Sára Hohlová, Jakub Larva, Jakub Pešek
  • Drone Operator: Jakub Larva, Photogrammetry – 3D Modeling: Pavel Karafiát, Animation Lead: Erik Bartoš
  • 3D Animation: Petr Adamec, Simon Kounovsky, Kristýna Sidlárová, Sebastian Tauchen
  • 3D Scan Cleaning and Post-Production: Sára Hohlová
  • Editing and Spatial Composition: Jakub Pešek, Sound Design: Ladislav Zensor
  • Texts: Karel Cettl, Petr Fašianok, Jirí Kubalík, Agáta Nowaková, Jakub Pešek

  • Graphic Design: Anymade Studio, AV Tech Solution: David Fernandéz, Light Design: Ondřej Růžička

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The Grief of Misfit Cathedrals is an audiovisual artwork exploring the phenomenon of abandoned industrial objects, which, having lost their original function, become solitary presences in urban space. This experimental project is based on precise 3D scans of places that exist in separation from the regular rhythms of urban life. Their raw yet fragile beauty thus becomes preserved despite the surrounding entropy. The melancholic atmosphere evoked by the film’s immersive format and augmented by its spatialized multi-channel sound design draws inspiration from the Japanese concept of “mono no aware”, which centres on coming to terms with transience and finding beauty in death and impermanence. A similar emotional charge permeates the art of European romanticism, with scenes often set against a backdrop of classical and medieval ruins. This artwork was commissioned by the Kunsthalle Praha and presented in 2023 as a large-scale installation in its Gallery 3. Installation was included in the Signal Festival 2023 gallery zone as well.

Adidas 4D

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Paris, Champs-Élysées, Adidas Flagship Store, Launch Zone: the best place to showcase our perspective on how to use new media technologies in a retail environment. In the concept phase, we created appealing visual language with the right tools to represent it. We used this to remix existing content, and develop new content of our own, both matching our vision. Finally, we took care of the installation: LED floor technology with tailor-made 3D content, laser mappings, 9 digital screens with custom content, semi-transparent interactive display, and product plinths.  

Nike Air Vapormax

  • Client: Nike
  • Credits: Mapping & Animation by Lunchmeat Studio
  • Featured artists: Jakub Pešek, Erik Bartoš, Pavel Karafiát, David Vrbík, David Fernandez Francos (Lunchmeat Studio)

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Playful environment created to fully show all the qualities of the new edition of Nike Vapormax sneaker. Minimalism and aesthetics of laser and custom made video projection combined on the facade of a Dancing house in Prague. Inside, a reminiscence of a futuristic hacklab, unveiling various new media art installations.

Till The Last

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The in-house collab between the Lunchmeat Festival team and Lunchmeat Studio has formed Till the Last: an impossible to forget night of music, darkness and lights. Here in the Studio, we carefully crafted the identity of the event: a blend of fluid typography /in cooperation with Anymade Studio/, distorted graphics, CGI and warped 3D scans of the venue — a warehouse in Poldi Kladno area. All elements combined to reveal the undiscovered scenery of an abandoned industrial spot, handpicked for the fearless, those who stay Till the Last.

Red Bull MaxSpace

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Mission: An unprecedented take on skateboarding videography and imagery. Idea: Bring the best Czech skaters under one roof and let them loose inside a stroboscopic light projection. Solution: Wait for quarantine, outlaw the green screen, set up 8 powerful projectors, and start a week-long session filled with immersive mapping ideas and incredible skate tricks. Results: Stretching the limits of real-time animation, and action sports — visual artists and riders united.